Vegan Jain Professional and Mom on the radio

Monali and her husband are both busy professionals raising 3 young children near Chicago. She grew up Jain and met him while they were studying environmental engineering . Like me, she became vegan  in college, seeing the connections between the violence in the egg and dairy industry  with that in the meat industry.  She saw that consumption of these animal products was  incompatible with her values of peace and non-violence, which were deeply held Jain values. Her husband went vegan too, the way they are raising their young children vegan is joyful and inspiring.

She was recently interviewed by James Bean of Spiritual Awakenings Radio, who is clearly well informed about Jainism and in tune with the spiritual basis of veganism from the perspective of many faiths . You’ll hear their thoughtful discussion about how people identify with their diets, what might help people to make positive changes and more! You can download an mp3 file of the interview  here.

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