Celebrating the 2019 JAINA convention

It will be some time before the JAINA convention will be held in person, given the Covid19 pandemic. The 2019 convention had some wonderful talks and the Jain Center of Southern California did a lot of hard work to deliver an excellent convention. They even made audio  recordings of the talks, which  can be accessed here.

The Ahimsak Eco-vegan Committee track presentations are included in the audio compilation with some of the slide highlights below.

Taylor Vegan Epiphany

Ms. Sarah Taylor: Making Positive Changes Last

Klaper fasting

Dr. Michael Klaper:Health Benefits of Fasting and Vegan Diets


Dr. Sailesh Rao: How not to get extinct

Tuttle herdism

Tuttle Holistic Health

Dr. Will Tuttle Revealing the Hidden Connections

There was a working session with Sudhanshu Jain to get feedback on the Jain Declaration on the Climate Crisis. Keynotes by Ingrid Newkirk and Phillip Wollen were also influential and  presentations by Shaleen Shah of Luvin’ Arm and Erika Abrams on Animal Aid Unlimited were powerful examples of service in action. And in the exhibit hall, the president of JSSC also funded a booth and stickers were handed out saying “Every Jain should be Vegan”.Speakers together

Group photo outside of the dining tent

A generous donor arranged for one fully vegan day and vegan options were available, as usual for the remainder of the day. Another generous donor place a refillable bottle in each bag to help minimize the use of plastic bottles. Compostable plates were used.