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Dallas Jain pathshala students shine a Jain lens on Veganism, Energy, Water and other Environmental Issues

Environmental Fair PosterThe Jain Society of North Texas’ (JSNT) high school  age youth (Pathshala Group 6), with the help of  Joseph R. Otterbine,an  M.S. Applied Environmental Anthropology Candidate  from the University of North Texas, recently held  the JSNT Environmental  Fair. The Fair  brought a Jain lens to bear on  energy and electricity, veganism,  transportation, water usage, and methane production. The youth decided on these topics and researched them thoroughly.  They split into five groups and prepared presentations, visuals, and takeaways (e.g. vegan brownies [yummy!] , pamphlets, fact  sheets, water usage calculator, etc.) for their booths at the fair.
The Fair started with time for the community to walk around and see the booths, followed by a  presentation from Dr. Pankaj Jain (University of North Texas) on the topic of Dharma and  Ecology.


After his short lecture the community members were urged to visit the five different presentations at the booths set up around the hall. The community was extremely receptive to the
youth’s efforts and proud of all the work that they had done in putting together all the intricacies of the Fair. When it came to the scheduled end of the Fair, some community membewer asked for more time to explore all the work that the youth had done! 

This event was successful because the youth wanted to do it,  and OWNED it!
This enthusiasm was palpable in their presentations, their attitudes, and interactions with the  community. The Fair got the Jain Society of North Texas to look at environmental issues and  how they, as Jains, are poised as natural environmentalists.
For a slide show of the event please see
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Local almost-veganic tomatoes!

Sometimes people ask us vegetarians and vegans test questions,  like, “So do you ever wear leather?” ” What if you were starving in a jail and the only thing you could eat was a cockroach?” etc. In that vein, people sometimes feel the need to tell us how even the most virtuous of activities, for example, growing organic vegetables, can involve fertilizer made with blood or bone meal. This is all as if to say… you can’t be vegan, it’s too hard not to wear leather, not consume animal products in your food, there might be some extreme situation when you can’t follow your values, so if  you can’t live without hurting other beings, you shouldn’t  even try to go part of the way…. Without addressing that directly now, let’s shift gears to a story.

This past summer, Christian was excited to grow cherry tomatoes.  He decided to plant the seeds in a bucket (from a recycled products shop) and hang itfrom his roof to get more sun. But he didn’t know exactly what he could use as  fertilizer that wouldn’t involve blood or bone meal slaughterhouse by-products.

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