Resources for Jain Vegan Recipes

YouTube Videos

This is a series of videos with Jain and vegan recipes demonstrated by leaders in the Jain Center of Northern California , in the Jain center kitchen and posted as part of Supreme Master TV.

Karmaless Cuisine of Jainism, demos of recipes from the Jain Center of California

Sweet Orange Pineapple Delight

Multi Lentil Vegetable Khichadi

Indo-Italian Daal Dhokli Pasta

Tum Tum Tomatoes and Chutneys

Heart Healthy Oatmeal Pudding

Websites with Indian vegan and root free recipes:

Choose the recipe category here on for a few recipes. Also see

For those that prefer cookbooks, please check out Pramadoben Chitrabhanu’s book Rainbow Food for the Vegan Palate.

There are a number of other great websites with vegan Indian recipes that you can omit roots from, for example:

Both of these have nutritional information, which is excellent!

I’m sure there are more great sites, please comment to leave suggestions.