Pramoda Chitrabhanu, Director, Jain Meditation International Center, “This is the right time for all the Jains to wake up and do something for the safety of all living beings and for world at large. It is time to give back to nature whose generosity has been exploited by human hands.”

Neelam Savla,  Jain Center of Southern California“Every derasar should go vegan in the spirit of Jainism and what our religion stands for!”

Pratiksha, Metro DC,  “Appreciate specific actionable items that you have provided for the individuals and for Jain societies. It is very critical and timely that we have Jain Declaration on climate crisis now. Thank you!”

Vinit Doshi, Jain Center of Connecticut, “Let’s make vegan lifestyle a central tenet in application of Jain principles.”




Raj Salecha, Jain Center of Southern California

Niru Shah, Jain Center of Atlanta

Jinendra Shah, Jain Center of Atlanta

Panna Shah, NY

Girish Shah, Jain RATNA, Jain Center of Northern California

Bharat, JSGD Detroit, MI

Anon, Tampa Bay

Sidd Shah, Jain Center of Connectivut

Purva Gaur, India