Spiritual Lessons from Animals: From Preetirang Sanctuary

Vegan Jains appreciate the embodiment of ahimsa in people of all faiths, including the sister traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism. Madhulika and her husband run a small sanctuary in CA, flying under the radar of the farmers around her. On former hunting grounds, they support cows, chickens, goats and other animals, in the hot and dry Northern CA environment. We had the opportunity to tour the sanctuary, speak to her and hear her sing soothing Indian songs to the animals in her care. What a treat! And an inspiration. Photos below. In the video she explains how caring for the animals is spiritual service, consistent with the Hindu teaching that all living beings are a family (Vasudhaiva Kutambukam) and how they teach her great lessons of love, forgiveness and trust.

Entering the sanctuary
PreetiRang founders with a rescue chicken

Text describing the mission of the sanctuary

Goat close up
Brushing one of the cows

Video interview with Madhulika about spiritual service

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