Request for all vegan menu for the 16th Biennial JAINA convention

Yesterday, i sent a letter to the Convention Board members and the JAINA Executive Committee on behalf of a group of vegan Jain organizers, ranging in age from the 20s to the 70s, and an even larger and more diverse group of supporters consisting of leaders in the Jain community and community members from all across the US with a couple of participants from UK and Mumbai.  We continue to update the list of supporters and have gotten 9 more since yesterday!

Read the text of the petition and register your support here:

Our request: An all vegan menu at the convention.

The precedent: Catering for the London Young Jains Convention  has always been vegan and a recent JAINS UK convention has had all but 2 items catered completely vegan.

 The North American Jain convention history: Vegan lines (an option to eat vegan) an JAINA, YJP and YJP conventions for many years> the exact start is murky but maybe 1997. A good start but we can do better.

The reasons, in a nutshell: Ahimsa! Or ahinsa, if you are a spelling purist. Nonviolence, compassion to all beings. Live it as a community, lead it in the world!

We know that these conventions take a lot of volunteer intelligence and energy and we appreciate all that the conveners are doing. We hear that the food ordering may be well underway and want to help them build an all vegan menu.

We will be posting updates on the status of our request and communication with the convenvers and JAINA Board on this site.

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