Reflections on our actions

Here is a thoughtful prayer that Monali had written for Paryushan, but which can be appropriate for every day, too:

In the fast pace of our lives, may we all take time out today
to recognize how our actions and lifestyles
directly or indirectly cause harm.

From the relative peace we experience and the wealth we possess
From the clothes we wear
to the cars we drive
to the foods we eat
the daily sustenance of our lives undoubtedly causes suffering to other lives around us-whether it be human, non-human animal, plant or other.

As much as is in our power, may we be conscious of this suffering,
and may our actions relflect our desire to prevent or minimize it.
And as for the suffering that occurs of which we are not aware
or that we cannot prevent,may we, at least, recognize it and be humbled.
Micchami Dukkadam.

One response to “Reflections on our actions

  1. Well written! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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