Dr. Gabriel Cousens on Jainism and Veganism

I asked Rabbi and physician (M.D., N.D. and diplomate in Ayurveda) Dr. Gabriel Cousens about Jainism and Veganism. He describes the violence to self in terms of adverse health effects from consuming animal products including dairy and connects veganism to our 5 anuvrats, also familar to yogis as the yamas.

One response to “Dr. Gabriel Cousens on Jainism and Veganism

  1. was just looking at your post from January about Will Tuttle: *several recognized spiritual teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Master Ching Hai, Sri Chitrabhanu, and Rabbi Gabriel Cousens encourage veganism and even require it of their serious students. *

    Kind of fitting that we now interviewed Gabriel as well as Chitrabhanu.


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