Great resource from Dr. Greger!

Just after I posted the links to my talk at JCNC yesterday, I listened again to the lecture. I noticed a few areas that were less than crystal clear. And then today someone posted information about a new website with searchable posts on nutritional topics by Dr. Michael Greger. He is knowledgable and entertaining in person, and the website is a great resource for all kinds of topics, especially related to vegan nutrition, based on scientific evidence. Search on vegan vs. omnivore nutritional deficiencies and you’ll see how omnivores have 7 deficiencies, while vegans tend to have 3. Which 3– B12, iodine and calcium. And then you can look up each of these topics.  You’ll see info on good, bad and killer fats, which sweeteners have nutritional value, and many other topics.

Search on potatoes (which i was asked about, because the talk somehow became titled “Jain diet” though I meant for it to be ahimsak diet, and people think of the Jain diet as avoiding potatoes) and you’ll see a few min. video with info on the harmful effects of cooked potatoes. I’m really happy that Dr. Gregor has put these up and he promises, as of Aug 22, to post a new video every day.

In addition to checking out his website, you can also subscribe to the daily video feed ( or follow Dr. Greger on facebook ( and twitter (

 As for the vegan Jains postings, we will ramp up our activities too. Watch for some new posts about an anti-backyard slaughter campaign in Oakland, CA, and some long overdue posts about the JAINA convention, and humane educator Zoe Weil. Believe it our not, we have a twitter account too, but haven’t been too active. As for the facebook and list serv activity, check out the separately moderated jainvegans list serv.

Comment if you have any suggestions for pre-paryushan topics!


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