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Profiles of Vegan Jain children

In the words of a 4,7 and 9 year old (with their loving parents behind the camera), why, if you love animals, you should be vegan.
And how you can still enjoy mint chocolate chip soy ice cream cones and vegan shakes!



Profiles of Vegan Jains: Pramodaben Chitrabhanu

Pramodaben discusses  how people might make the journey towards veganism, including her own personal experience and how women can encourage their families towards a vegan diet as an expression of wanting the best for them. In the last part she links the experience of mothers to empathy towards  dairy cows. Click on the link to read her more comprehensive booklet: Dark Truth Behind The Milk_19-06-2013.  I will provide updated health information in a future posting but agree completely with the facts of dairy farming and the necessity to avoid consuming dairy products.


Profiles of Vegan Jains: Seema and Amman

Twenty five year old Seema and  23 year old Amman have a conversation about personal histories and how they became vegan.


Profiles of Vegan Jains: Sagar Shah


Sagar, who is an economist based in the UK, speaks from Jaipur and Delhi, where he is studying at the International Jain Studies Summer program about  his journey to veganism, the reasons to go vegan and why it is compassionate, not elitist.This is one in a series of videos that we are posting in time to be viewed at the Eco-Vegan booth at the JAINA convention in Detroit over the July 4 weekend. While I thought that the UK Young Jains conventions were vegan first, and was impressed that they were all vegan when I went in 1998, Sagar discusses his learning about veganism at ta US JAINA convention in New Jersey. As with Pramodaben’s story, once he learned about veganism, he found plenty of vegan dairy alternatives in his own backyard.