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Harvest Home Sanctuary’s Toast for the Turkeys Thanksgiving celebration

Today we fed turkeys and goats, played with dogs and rabbits and learned about the animals that are rescued and supported at Harvest Home Sanctuary. It was Harvest Home Sanctuary‘s Toast for  the Turkeys event.

It felt like  American version of the Jain panjrapol (our traditional animal shelters in India),  with activities that  transformed a very American holiday 0f suffering for turkeys into ahimsa for animals .


Please consider supporting Harvest Home Sanctuary or Farm Sanctuary, with shelters in CA and NY, by sponsoring a turkey and/or supporting the shelter animals year round. Visit these shelters! You will be touched by the animals and the humans that care for them.

Paryushan Activism:Join Animal sanctuary volunteers and Bay area Jains to oppose backyard slaughter of animals

Harvest Home Bake Sale

One Saturday morning, I wandered towards my local farmer’s market and was happy to see a vegan bake sale to supply me with goodies for my friends and family and support the Harvest Home Sanctuary, which rescues animals, at the same time.

That Saturday, as  I continued to shop in my market, I noticed that in addition to the numerous stalls  filled with fresh fruits and vegetables,  bread and other treats, there were a disturbing few stalls of of raw milk and local meat on sale. And then I circled back to the Harvest Home volunteers to chat some more.

As I got to know these lovely volunteers, they informed me that where I live, in Oakland, CA the planning commission has initiated a plan to make slaughter of animals in residential neighborhoods legal, as part of a plan to encourage healthy local eating.  While many vegetarians and vegan fully support efforts to grow plants, we are opposed to allowing animals to be killed, for the sake of our own family’s exposure to slaughter and because we’d rather not have an sanctioned, legal,   killing of animals  in our neighborhood.  For more details on the initiative go to To sign the petition directly, click here (note there is an option not to display your signature publicly in order to maintain your privacy). Besides Oakland, other cities around the country are watching and if this passes, you could have the same problem where you live, so make your voice heard!

As Jains we have a tradition of opposing the building of slaughterhouses. In recent times, one of our sadhus was imprisoned in U.P. Our opposition to backyard killing is consistent with our peaceful tradition of activism. Now all your paryushan activitism requires is a click and some typing on your computer.

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