Consider how to help the earth this Paryushan

Earth pledge


We have just posted the Jain declaration on the climate crisis as a new page. Please read and consider it and on this day of Samvatsari for Svetambar Jains, consider if you’d like to endorse it and make any commitments. There is an endorse button at the top of the page. Above for illustrative purposes only. This is not the pledge associated with the Jain declaration.

Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers places our going vegan as the #1 thing we can do for the plant.

The book Drawdown and its associated website gives details of solutions in all different sectors.

My co-author, Sudhanshu, also describes the top 8 items you can do to address the climate crisis.

Top suggestions at the community level:
1. Install solar panels at Jain Centers and at peoples homes
2. Move to eliminate natural gas use at Jain Centers at people’s homes by switching to heat pumps
3. Encourage non-veg friends to eat less meat, cheese, eggs by telling them about plant based proteins like Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers
4. Install electric vehicle chargers at Jain Centers and encourage carpooling to temples
5. Try to switch to all electric cooking in kitchens — reduces air pollution and killing of life forms from fire.
6. Enable Darshan via zoom or internet so as to reduce some driving to temples.
7. Organize volunteers to plant trees
8. Have movie nights or Pathshala lessions to show movies like Cowspiracy and Game Changer

Micchami Dukkadam to all beings!

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