Fasting talk from JAINA 2017, just in time for Paryushan

I gave a 50 minute talk at JAINA on scientific aspects of fasting and Jainism. Rather than have one long video, I’ve divided it into shorter segments below.

Here are the videos in order:

Here are the slides: Water fasting intermittent fasting and Jainism. For further reference, here are some additional links  (fasting and Lymphoma case report in British Medical Journal) (fasting and high blood pressure) and moderate high blood pressure) (fasting mechanisms) (interview with Dr. Goldhamer) (tedx talk on the pleasure trap by Dr. Lisle) (fasting by Dr. Goldhamer) (TV show on fasting with Goldhamer and McDougall) (GQ article on fasting at TNHC) (fasting lecture by Dr. Goldhamer) (TV news reports on fasting and TNHC)

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