Go Vegan in India has the courage to print the truth on labels

We have been in Ahmedabad, India since end of February and happy to find soymilk and tofu at our local Reliance supermarket. But recently we received our first delivery from Go Vegan , a company in the neighboring city of Vadodara (incidentally my mom’s hometown) that makes soy milk from organic soybeans and also produces a variety of other vegan products such as patties and ice cream. While we can get soymilk many places in the world, nowhere have I seen the truth so clearly printed on a product label. It’s hard to read on the photo below so I’ve retyped it (and corrected a couple of typos).

Do you know?

Just as other mammals on this planet cows give milk only after giving birth to a baby calf. To produce milk most cows are raped every year through artificial insemination and their male babies are kidnapped and slaughtered for meat and leather. Would you drink rape milk again?

more at http://www.govegan.in


2 responses to “Go Vegan in India has the courage to print the truth on labels

  1. Tiffany Figueroa

    There is a lot of commentary in the from the general public that Veganism is a fad diet. It is looked down on/ frowned upon and belittled.
    Dr Jina, do you feel that this an attack against Jains?
    Do you feel that Jainism and Ethical/Environmental Veganism are the same?
    In your opinion do Vegans=Jains?

    • I wish Vegans=Jains but we are not there yet. When people attack the ideals of nonviolence they are attacking an ethical principle dear to Jains. Anger is an emotional reaction to feeling threatened. We need to stay strong and respond with truth and courage.

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