A Diwali gift from PCRM: Vegan Kickstart for India!

OK, PCRM didn’t really time this for Diwali, our holiday celebrating the Nirvana of Mahavir Swami Tirthankar this Wednesday. But how nice that we have a 21 day program complete with Indian menus and a Kickstart program set for early November! Spread the word and check it out here.

Dr. Barnard gave a very nice, positive talk at JAINA last July which we have been meaning to post up.  One point that he made very well is how tastes can change;  many of the uncles and antis could identify with the way they are now able to enjoy fat free or low fat milk, when they used to like only full fat milk; similarly, tastes can change to enjoy even healthier soy, almond, rice and other types of non-dairy milks.

For those who follow a traditional Jain diet, the recipes on the Kickstart menu can be easily modified to eliminate root vegetables.  Just remember the 5 sensed beings that are harmed in our traditional dairy based diet and consider all the compassion you are showing by sparing the cows that suffering!

Happy Diwali, may the light of knowledge guide us towards enlightened action.

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