Green juice

Passed down from a nutritionally minded MD to patient, to friend, to cousin is the following healthy drink recipe

Green  Juice!

– 2 cups of Kale
– ¼ cup of Spinach
– ¼ cup of Coriander (Cilantro)
– ½ Beet
– 1 stalk Celery – optional
– ½ Carrot – optional
– 5 or 6 seeded Grapes – optional
– ½ Apple – optional

The juice below is  red, because of the beets. She uses a Blendtech, but Christian is loyal to his Vitamix and I think you can use a lower-tech blender too.Veggie juice

My cousin says “We just use everything raw and blend it. We use a lot of Kale and we use almost all the optional items…. it makes the juice taste better and I think they are good for health too. We are planning on adding Collards to this juice as well. You can try different quantities for everything, as there is no set measure . I included measurements to give an  estimate and an idea of the proportions between ingredients. It seems like lot of ingredients but  we just wash everything for 3-4 days and then it takes only 2 mins to make the juice in the morning.”

Enjoy the anti-oxidant healthy goodness! If you avoid roots, try some red bell pepper for Vit A instead of beets/carrots. You can add cantaloupe, kiwi, banana, cherries, lots of possibilities. Improvise…

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