Vegan Thanksgiving Prayer

This is a prayer that has been used at Vegan Thanksgiving Events.  I hope it is meaningful to you on this day.

Thanksgiving Prayer

Tonight we give thanks for the many lives that have contributed to our lives. We also ask for forgiveness from the living beings that we have harmed, intentionally and unintentionally in our food and in other activities of our life.

We give thanks for this vegan meal and the people who have labored to harvest, process, transport and prepare this meal for us. We thank all of our teachers in ancient and modern times who have taught us lessons beneficial for life.

We are grateful for our health and the opportunity to eat with others on this day. We aspire, with compassionate hearts, to use the energy that we gain from this meal and our friends to contribute to the peace and happiness of all living beings.

We hope that all the people of the world will avoid inflicting harm on animals and practice nonviolence and compassion. We express our sorrow at the suffering of all the turkeys and other animals that have died. May peace grow in ourselves and extend to all around us.

2 responses to “Vegan Thanksgiving Prayer

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  2. Such a refreshing change from all the celebration around animals who have suffered and died! Thank you.

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